YOUNITE: Sixth prologue which presents EUNHO

A prologue video of member EUNHO, a member of rookie group “YOUNITE”, has been released.

On February 21 at midnight, Brand New Music released a prologue video of member EUNHO on the official YOUNITE channels and SNS. In the video, EUNHO appears in a room where there are columns of different heights on which pieces of a large chess set are placed. EUNHO is seated in front of a table and a chessboard on which a game seems to have taken place with reversed pieces.

Taking a piece of it, EUNHO seems to have some kind of vision. Resting it on the chessboard he gets up as if to leave, but a feeling forces him to turn around to discover the chess set tidy, ready to start a new game. The blows follow one another when suddenly, slowly, he raises his head towards the camera with the sound of a Morse code coming from nowhere, stimulating the curiosity of the fans.

YOUNITE, which has caught the attention of global K-pop fans by releasing a total of six member prologue videos, will release the sequel and then the group one this week.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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