APINK: JUNG EUNJI will be present at the CANNESERIES on April 6, 2022

The Cannes International Series Festival (CANNESERIES) 2022 is scheduled to take place from April 1-6 in France. Three Korean dramas were invited to the event on April 6, 2022, including that of JUNG EUNJIWork later drink now“.


Korean drama “Work later drink now” is a drama based on a webtoon by Mikkang. The drama follows the story of three single women in their thirties and their male friend: Ahn Sohee (Lee Sunbin), Kang Jigoo (JUNG EUNJI), Han Jiyeon (Han Seonhwa), and Kang Bukku (Choi Siwon).

The characters have different personalities and jobs: Youtuber, screenwriter and yoga teacher. Additionally, Kang Bukku is a CEO in a TV variety show. Every evening, they meet and share their daily life, from work to love.

First airing in October 2021, the drama is directed by Kim Jungshik and written by Wi Soyoung. It stars JUNG EUNJI, Lee Sunbin, Han Sunhwa, and Choi Siwon.


Attend the screening of a medley of several episodes of “Damn good company“, 2 episodes of “Monstrous” and 2 episodes of “Work later, drink now“. In the presence of the actors and directors of the three series.

Journalist: Emma
Translator: Shawn

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