ATEEZ : WOOYOUNG shares his day in his vlog with us

WOOYOUNG introduces his fans to one of his days in Los Angeles.

After SEONGHWA, MINGI, JONGHO, YEOSANG, YUNHO, HONGJOONG and SAN, it is WOOYOUNG‘s turn to end this series of personal vlogs and to show us his daily life during the American tour « THE FELLOWSHIP : BEGINNING OF THE END ».

This vlog is a little more cosy than those of the other members because it is entirely filmed in the hotel room. The vlog therefore begins with a room tour, with WOOYOUNG showing his clothes in his wardrobe for example, and in particular the view that the room gives on the city of Los Angeles with its skyscrapers.

WOOYOUNG eats his breakfast consisting of an iced americano, bread and taiyaki croissants filled with red bean paste and custard. He announces that he must prepare for the first fansign which takes place that day in Los Angeles, a city in which the climate is pleasant unlike the other cities that ATEEZ has visited.

WOOYOUNG tells us about the opportunity he had to learn dances from choreographers in the United States. He also talks about a dance class he will take soon, without mentioning which choreographer it is. He also asked the ATINYs (name of the fandom) on the UNIVERSE app which dance style would suit him best, to which he added that he had made a promise to go live to talk about dance.

WOOYOUNG then talks about photography. Indeed, the ATINYs already know it, he is very interested in photography and editing. He owns multiple cameras and enjoys filming, including fueling his series « O.S.O.S (Our Side Of the Story) » posted on the ATEEZ YouTube channel, where he films different moments that ATEEZ spends from his point of view. He also shows us one of the few shots he took from his room of the parking lot in front of the hotel.

WOOYOUNG also says he wants to film the concerts in the United States, like the one in Los Angeles taking place the next day, differently than the one filmed in South Korea, which looks like a documentary according to him.

The vlog ends differently from those of the other members because a music is played in the outro of the video, displaying the text « To be continued », suggesting that another vlog of his on the American tour would be posted for his series « O.S.O.S (Our Side Of the Story) ».

Journalist : Myriem
Source : ATEEZ YouTube Channel

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