KARD: KARD go on tour again

Everything resumes with performances, a reminder of their debuts.

First of all the group will be back for performances or fansigns in Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Sao Paulo and Curitiba from July 20, 2022 and for your tickets HERE.

As J.SEPH finished his military service, the group KARD quickly got to work.

He will continue this series of performances by going to Mexico and Chile, you will find the various links for your tickets on the official Instagram of KARD.

KARD is a different group from others in kpop. Indeed, first of all it is a mixed group composed of 2 boys BM and J.SEPH and two girls SOMIN and JIWOO. The group basically focused on its live performances even before its debut. Its agency, DSP Media had made them start by making a showcase for the fans, its first appearance in front of the media was long overdue because the members of the KARD group first favored the fans and the stage.

It is therefore quite naturally for the return of the whole group that KARD will go to a region of the world that supports them a lot, Mexico and South America.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS KARD

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