ONEUS: The cards are discarded

Group ONEUS released its new schedule and began to seriously preheat its comeback.

RBW’s agency has unveiled the promotional schedule image for ONEUS’ seventh mini album “TRICKSTER,” which will be released on the 17th of next month via ONEUS’s official SNS at midnight KST on April 25.

According to the published schedule, ONEUS will release the album’s track list, solo, unit, and group concept photos sequentially, starting with the visual teaser today.

Expectations for a comeback are skyrocketing as it is then announced that it will continue to feature a variety of teasing content, such as a story movie, music video teasers and a medley.

In particular, the calendar that appears in the form of a card game, which is related to the concept of the new opus, has symbols, hearts and hashtags #K, #Q and #J, which have exploded curiosity.

ONEUS will be making a comeback with their new album “TRICKSTER” on May 17. This album will be released six months after the 6th mini album “BLOOD MOON” released in November last year, and plans to capture both domestic and foreign countries with enhanced music, ONEUS’s own capabilities and storytelling. .

ONEUS cements its position as a “stage genius” in name and in reality with its unique concept and the sophisticated performance of each album.

Moreover, expectations are high for the new album, showing its strong global influence, with its previous title track “월하미인” being named “Best K-pop Song 2021” selected by US Billboard.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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