Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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BLANK2Y: Nature Ambassadors

The young group BLANK2Y from KEYSTONE ENTERTAINMENT has been chosen to be the ambassador of the “ BLOSSOM THE HOPE ” festival.

Blossom the Hope – BLANK2Y

This festival is held for a week at the Coex Mall in Seoul to celebrate nature and the planet. As for the group, it is made up of nine members; DK, LOUIS, DONGHYUK, U, SIWOO, MIKEY, YOUNGBIN, SUNGJUN, and SODAM, and its debut is set for May 24. The festival offers seven workshops, the group inaugurating the first being an inflatable sculpture 7.5 meters high, installed outside the Coex. It represents two beings hugging each other, surrounded by flowers and trees, with a “ child ” holding a donut by their side. This festival is also an opportunity for Korea to attract new tourists, as its message is oriented towards the end of the Covid, in order to relearn how to live. It is all the more important, because since Monday May 2, masks are no longer compulsory in the streets. In addition, a congress is being held this week, the “World Forest Congress“, bringing together more than 10,000 visitors from 144 different countries. This event is therefore large-scale, and it is therefore with joy that the leader of BLANK2Y receives a certificate attesting that the group is an ambassador of this festival.

The group, having not yet made its debut, does not perform on this day, and just poses in front of the inflatable sculpture outside the Coex with the CEO of the mall. Standing outside, fans of the band were able to watch the photo shoot, and approach the band when they went inside the building for more photos, this time holding flowers. The meeting with the group lasted only thirty minutes, but they seemed most delighted. They then distributed the flowers to those present at the opening ceremony of the festival, before the crowd dispersed. Behind the scenes, they express their stress, but also excitement, because this type of event could well be part of their daily life once their debut is formalized in three weeks. Regarding the rest of the festival, there is a flower exhibition reminiscent of Japanese Ikebana art, a green alley with cardboard animals here and there, a stand to participate in competitions and a photo zone dedicated to the painter Louis Wain.

The subtitle of this festival is “FOR:REST“, representing the combination of the words forest (forest) and rest (rest). In order to appease citizens and tourists in Seoul, various music and art forms are presented. As for the mascot, represented by the 7.5 meter inflatable sculpture, it is called “ Mr.Donothing ”. The congress taking place the same week as the festival is all the more important because it is only held every year. Due to end on May 8, the mayor of Gangnam district invites everyone to go to “BLOSSOM THE HOPE”, and asks to follow the debut of the group BLANK2Y. In the meantime, you can find them from May 20, in a reality show that will be held every week.

Blossom the Hope

Journalist: Pillet Anaïs
Transaltor: Shawn
Photos: Pillet Anaïs

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