ABO: The new group of IST Entertainment

IST Entertainment, which includes Apink, Victon, The Boyz, and We maieekly, announced on the 9th that they will be showcasing new boy group ABO in the second half of this year.


IST Entertainment has confirmed the first seven members through the finalization of MBN and Kakao TV’s boy group survival show “The Origin – A, B, Or What?” (hereafter referred to as “The Origin”), which aired on May 7.

The latest rookie members selected via “The Origin” show are JEONG SEUNGHWAN, OH JUN SEOK, SEOK RAKWON, RYU JUN MIN, BAE YUNG JUN, YANG DONG HWA, and KIM YEON KYU. The group’s official name is “ABO” which means “At the Beginning of Originality” and contains ABO’s strong ambition to unveil its own new and original story in the global K-pop market.

The Origin,” which was jointly invested in and produced by Kakao Entertainment and Sony Music Solutions in Japan, began its first run in March and was streamed by Kakao TV, MBN, 1theK channel, as well as Japanese OTT platform Abema. and Music On TV for a total of eight weeks! It has been broadcast on television and other media.

“As the group proved its skills and potential through fierce survival, we will try to show ABO‘s unique and different charm to the global K-pop market.”

said the agency IST Entertainment, asking about expectations for the first official activities scheduled for the second half of the year.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS IST Entertainment

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