Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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ATEEZ: The Parisian concert seen by our journalists

A week has passed since the Parisian concert of ATEEZ. Three of our journalists (Laura, Myriem and Natacha) were there and tell you about this enjoyable day.


On the afternoon of May 4, before the concert of ATEEZ at the Accor Arena, two of our journalists, Natacha and Laura, were able to participate at the Parisian soundcheck. Upon entering the venue, fans cheered ATEEZ while waiting, setting us a joyful mood. Welcomed in the capital as it should be, ATEEZ members (HONGJOONG, SEONGHWA, YUNHO, YEOSANG, SAN, MINGI, WOOYOUNG, JONGHO) performed « Pirate king  (« 해적왕 ») » and « Wave » in front of 500 ATINYS. In addition to the many encouragements, ATINYS (fandom name) had prepared a thank-you message for ATEEZ which was presented to the members before « Wave » beginnings. Therefore, we remember an enthusiastic welcome from ATINYs and an excellent atmosphere during this soundcheck.

We found this atmosphere as soon as the doors opened, where we heard again throughout the concert hall many songs of encouragement that will not stop throughout the evening. We could hear across the Accor Arena, fans singing ATEEZ songs by heart whether in English or Korean accompanying the members during this evening. ATEEZ has also been praised and applauded many times for their various performances. According to Myriem, their ability to remain the pace of these three hours of concert is absolutely remarkable and these encouragements are more than deserved. Moreover, according to Natacha, the concert was beautifully produced, and ATEEZ’s members seemed to have enjoyed being on the Parisian stage just as much as their fans. Indeed, during their interludes, we could note a considerable effort on the part of them to communicate in French with sentences such as « je t’aime (« I love you ») » or « vous êtes beaux aujourd’hui (« you are beautiful today ») » which were significantly appreciated by the fans present in the room.

Many songs were presented during this concert and we were won over by all of them, but some of them particularly marked us. For Laura, it will be « Inception » and its admirable introduction. For Natacha, « The real (Heung Ver.) ( «  ( Ver.) ») » and its extraordinary atmosphere in a concert hall already particularly on fire. And finally, for Myriem, « Star1117 » and ATINYS’ yellow flashes giving the illusion of a starry sky. Thus, we were able to see many different scenes perfectly reflecting the varied discography of ATEEZ during this magnificent evening. We couldn’t finish talking about this concert without mentioning MADDOX’s sublime performance which was warmly welcomed by the public. With his cover of « EASY ON ME » by ADELE and the performance of his title « LAMP », MADDOX knew how to conquer 20,000 people’s hearts that evening, making us want to discover and rediscover his musical talent.

To conclude this evening as it should, Natacha and Myriem were able to participate in « Hi Touch » with ATEEZ. According to them, even after three hours, ATEEZ remained attentive in order to thank their fans for this concert. In addition, you can feel their effort to leave no one behind and end the evening on a high note. So, from this special day, the three of us will remember an extremely pleasant evening alongside ATEEZ, who prepared a wonderful comeback after 3 years of separation. We can’t wait to see them back on stage in France.

Finally, ATEEZ will conclude its international tour « THE FELLOWSHIP: BEGINNING OF THE END » in Japan from July 16th to 18th.

Journalist: Laura
Translator: Laura

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