GOLDEN CHILD: Clarification on TAG’s state of health

On May 19, GOLDEN CHILD‘s agency Woollim Entertainment released an official statement regarding the TAG member’s condition.


The agency made no secret that due to his recent poor health, TAG went to the hospital yesterday morning, completed various tests and waited for the results.

On May 18, a media outlet reported that TAG was in critical condition awaiting a liver transplant and was from RH-O. Surprised information that the agency has denied and wanted to clarify today.

Late the night before, TAG was admitted to the intensive care unit of a Seoul University Hospital due to acute liver failure, and reports that he is currently in urgent need of a liver transplant surprised fans.

As a result, the agency uncovered the facts and communicated its exact position. As they explained, TAG performed an examination due to poor health, and the medical staff insisted on informing TAG that there were problems with his liver and therefore there was a possibility to receive a liver transplant in the worst case. Since then, there has been a misunderstanding due to miscommunications when breaking the news to his family.

Currently TAG is still in the hospital in order to receive the necessary care following the results of the examinations. But for the moment no transplant is planned.

TAG, a member of GOLDEN CHILD who debuted in 2017, is a vocalist who serves as the lead rapper in the group.

Journalist: Shawn
Transistor: Shawn
Source: Woollim Entertainment

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