KANG DANIEL: Excerpt from “Don’t tell” featuring JESSI

This May 18, 2022 KANG DANIEL published on his agency’s Youtube channel, a video extract of “Don’t tell“, one of the new tracks from his next album.

Indeed, the Korean soloist offers us a 32-second video, letting us see some dance steps, as well as part of a set. We also discover JESSI, who is also a solo artist who participates in the song “Don’t tell“. The video also leaves us with an excerpt from the song, which seems to have a Latin style.

The agency has announced that the clip will be released on May 24, 2022, when KANG DANIEL‘s very first album “The story” will also be available. This album will be composed of 10 songs including a featuring DDO, a SOKODOMO, a CHANCELLOR, and finally a featuring JESSI.

Announced since May 1st, KANG DANIEL has already offered us some excerpts from these new songs, accompanied by short video clips.

If you can’t wait any longer, you can take a look at the medley of “The Story” available on the KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT Youtube channel.

Until May 24, you can now support KANG DANIEL‘s return to the scene using the hashtags #강다니엘 #KANGDANIEL #TheStory on SNS.

Journalist: Limpix
Tra nslator: Shawn
Source: Chaîne Youtube KONNECT ENT


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