ATEEZ: An explosive comeback !

ATEEZ released today, May 18th, « Rocky (Boxers Ver.) » music video, the title track of their second Japanese mini album « BEYOND: ZERO ».

In this video clip, ATEEZ’s members (HONGJOONG, SEONGHWA, YUNHO, YEOSANG, SAN, MINGI, WOOYOUNG, JONGHO) appearing as eight boxers in a hangar rehabilitated into a boxing club. Presenting intense visuals, the latter wear outfits mixing the codes of this sport and rock, perfectly illustrating this new version of « Rocky ». We find, for example, a champion’s belt worn by MINGI, a boxer’s dress worn by HONGJOONG and ribbons wrapped around the hands for all members.

Written by HONGJOONG, the « captain » of ATEEZ, « Rocky » now comes with an electric guitar sound and an adrenaline-pumping energetic performance. We find a choreography punctuated by many movements reminiscent of boxing on a very rock background.

Thereby, the video clip includes a real work of image throughout these 3 minutes 14. We can take as an example a scene at the end where under dazzling lighting, ATEEZ’s members raise their fists. The latter admirably illustrates the determination and passion of ATEEZ to pursue its dreams.


For this highly anticipated comeback, ATEEZ has released individual and group concept photos via its official SNS considerably increasing the expectation. Not to mention that ATEEZ has a significant number of views for music videos released before album’s release such as « Turbulence (« 야간비행 ») » and « DREAMERS » attracting an intense attention around this comeback.

Moreover,  « BEYOND: ZERO », which will be released on May 25th, contains the various musical universes of ATEEZ. We will find five songs from « FEVER » series translated into Japanese : « Fireworks (« 불놀이야 ») »« Take Me Home »« Deja Vu », « Turbulence (« 야간비행 ») » and « Rocky (Boxers Ver.) », and « The King » a new song write for this occasion.

Finally, Japanese ATINYs will be able to find ATEEZ on stage during his first solo concert in Japan for « The Fellowship: The End in Japan » at M.M. in Yokohama from July 16 to 18.


Journalist: Laura
Translator: Laura
Source: KQ Entertainment

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