BTS x BLACKPINK: Rumors travel fast, are they true?

V, member of popular idol group BTS, and JENNIE, member of girl group BLACKPINK, have been embroiled in romance rumors on Jeju Island.

Since May 23, articles and photos showing V and JENNIE being seen on Jeju Island have been posted in various online communities, sparking romance rumors.

The person who wrote the post added a photo of the pair, who they believe to be both artists, adding, “It may sound similar, but two top idols have been spotted together on Jeju Island. Everything first, I covered my name because I couldn’t verify the fact.”

In the published photo, the two people, a man and a woman, believed to be V and JENNIE, are spending time in a car, hidden by sunglasses.

Some netizens who saw this are reacting to romance rumors, noting that V and JENNIE recently posted photos from their trip to Jeju Island on their Instagram. For the moment, nothing is yet confirmed that it is indeed the two artists, together.

In response, V‘s agency Big Hit Music and JENNIE’s agency YG Entertainment didn’t respond to questions from Korean media.

JENNIE was also embroiled in romance rumors with artist from her agency, Big Bang member G-Dragon, in February 2021, but she neither claimed nor denied it at the time. Since then, rumors of JENNIE’s breakup have also surfaced as it was recently learned that she is unfollowing G-Dragon’s Instagram.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Korean community online

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