FROMIS_9: A car accident, the modified comeback

The comeback is maintained, but the activities canceled for now.

Pledis Entertainment sends us a press release detailing the state of health and the continuation for the comeback of FROMIS_9 after a car accident which occurred this Saturday.

Press release from PLEDIS Entertainment:

We are Pledis Entertainment.

We inform you of the health status and future activities of FROMIS_9.

On Saturday, June 25, a car accident occurred in a vehicle with FROMIS_9 members SONG HA YOUNG, PARK JI WON, LEE SEO YEON, LEE CHAE YOUNG, and BAEK JI HEON on board. Fortunately, neither the members nor the occupants on board were seriously injured and they were quickly taken to the emergency room for diagnosis and treatment.

Following further examination and treatment on June 26 (Sunday), all limbs were diagnosed with no fractures, but regular treatment was required due to muscle pain and bruising. Additionally, medical staff said it might be unreasonable to immediately schedule a return for June 27 (Monday), as the five members in question must monitor their recovery over the next few days.

As a result, FROMIS_9′s fifth mini album “FROM OUR MEMENTO BOX” will be released on schedule on June 27 (Monday), but it is difficult to hold online and offline media and fan showcases to commemorate the release. We ask for your understanding.

We respect the opinions of the medical staff and plan to organize future activities with the restoration of the health of the artists as a top priority. Therefore, members SONG HA YOUNG, PARK JI WON, LEE SEO YEON, LEE CHAE YOUNG and BAEK JI HEON may not be able to participate in future activities or perform choreography depending on their recovery status. .

We will do our best to heal and recover all five members so that they can return to their fans in good health as soon as possible.”

The FROMIS_9 group will make their comeback this Monday, June 27th.

Journalist: Shawn
Transaltor: Shawn
Source: Pledis Entertainment

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