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Title song poster of 4th mini album “Blind love” released in preview


Ahead of the release of the fourth mini album “WE’RE NOT ALONE FINAL: Only you,” GREATGUYS pre-released the poster for the title track “Blind love.”

DNA Entertainment‘s agency recently released the content release schedule for the fourth mini album “WE’RE NOT ALONE FINAL: Only you” via GREATGUYS’ official SNS, raising fans’ expectations for the new album.

The release schedule announced to release various content from July 3 to July 20, the day of the release, such as concept photos, track listing, personal teasers, and music video teasers.

After the GREATGUYS comeback schedule was released, fans around the world continued to cheer them on, and K-pop fans’ favorite uniformed concept posters were released in advance for fans who were curious to know. what concept the band would do for their comeback.

As “WE’RE NOT ALONE FINAL: Only you” marks the end of the “We’re not alone” series introduced by the GREATGUYS since 2019, you can expect some amazing concept photos and a music video to be released for repaying the love of fans who cheered GREATGUYS on without forgetting them with COVID-19. We ask for your interest and love for the content that will be released next,” the agency said.

GREATGUYS are currently hard at work on their final preparations for a perfect comeback, and they will be releasing their fourth mini album “WE’RE NOT ALONE FINAL: Only you” with a concept photo shoot, and pre-orders will start on June 30.

Along with the release of the images, the sound source, GREATGUYS are preparing for a media showcase and fan event will be available online worldwide on July 20.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: DNA Entertainment

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