KIM JONGYEON (EX-NU’EST): He explains his choice to continue in solo

KIM JONG HYUN, former member of the group NU’EST (JR, ARON, REN, MINHYUN, BAEKHO), is on a new start as a singer and solo actor. Starting with a solo fan meeting next month, what will KIM JONG HYUN’s dream future look like before he really kicks off his solo career?



KIM JONG HYUN recently left his former agency, where he had worked for 10 years since his debut. Following the end of his contract in March, he announced a new start last month in partnership with Evermore Entertainment.

On why he decided to quit his band activities for 10 years and stay on his own as a solo musician and actor, he said,

“I wanted to tell my story a bit more.”

“Musically, I had a strong urge to tell my stories a little more honestly. As an actor, I wanted to show more people a side of me that I didn’t know about. ‘Should I?’ thought a lot. In this process, I decided to “think about coming back as a ‘rookie’ and build from the beginning”. With this mindset, I always focus on training and lessons .”

His desire to tell his story was decisive in the choice of his new agency. He explained that Evermore Entertainment, which support and discovered talented bands and singer-songwriters, was taking the direction he was currently pursuing.

“In fact, the most important thing for me in terms of the transfer was whether the direction I wanted to go and the thoughts of the agency were consistent. In this regard, my agency and I had the same values ​​​​about the direction we were going, and I chose it without too much hesitation.”

Of course, the process of preparing for a career alone hasn’t been easy: “If someone asks me, ‘When was the hardest time?’ I can assure you that a month without an agency (after the end of the exclusive contract) was the hardest and most thoughtful moment. When I’m bad, I usually manage alone rather than talking to people around me, but I think I had a hard time being alone at that time. I thought a lot about how to relieve that feeling. But as a result, I think I was able to meet my current company and become myself a little stronger.”



The artist therefore made a new start after careful consideration. When asked about the changes he would show throughout his solo career, he honestly expressed that he would focus a bit more on development than change. He explains that he will meet the public with a more honest appearance while developing his assets.

“My strength? Actually, that’s a tough question because I think it’s the hardest to look at myself directly. But if I have to choose one thing, I think I have a cute and unique side, that pops out when I smile, but on the other hand, I think I have a strong charm. I think we’ll get to show you each of those things in the future.”

The first step to perform under the solo name KIM JONG HYUN, not NU’EST, is the “Hi High” solo fan meeting, which will be held on July 2. As if proving the long wait of fans, the fan meeting drew attention by selling out all seats just two minutes after reservations opened and opening additional seats at the request of fans.

During the interview, KIM JONG HYUN smiled and said, “Actually, I was worried about whether I could fill all these seats alone, but luckily there are many fans there, so I am preparing happily. More than anything, I wanted to communicate with our fans through this fan meeting. I want to show you a different and intense side of me on stage, so I am constantly communicating with various staff members and trying to show them various productions and performances.”

Fans are looking forward to meeting KIM JONG HYUN at his 1st solo fanmeeting on July 2.

Journalist: Arie
Translator: Arie
Source: IdolDk – 덕질하는 기자

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