ATEEZ: The group reveals the name of its album in an original way

It was on Tuesday, June 28 that ATEEZ revealed the name of its album with a teaser image.

Teaser image

In April, ATEEZ had already announced its comeback for July 2022 with posters, which could be found in Hongdae and Madrid during their world tour « THE FELLOWSHIP : BEGINNING OF THE END », containing a QR code which links to a teaser video uploaded as unlisted on ATEEZ’s YouTube channel, which you can find here.

This time, ATEEZ posted a teaser image on Twitter and on Instagram, before immediately deleting it. We can see the name of the album « THE WORLD EP.1 : MOVEMENT », the title « PROPAGANDA » and a QR code, which once scanned, redirects fans to an audio file. We can hear an instrumental, accompanied by the sentences « Wake up, wake up world. Are you there ? It’s time. », which we already found in the teaser video. You can listen to the audio file here.

The promotion of ATEEZ’s comeback seems to be done in an original way since the ATINYs (name of the fandom) immerse themselves more than ever in the universe (the storyline) of the group, which arouses their curiosity.

Journalist: Myriem

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