SUNMI: Return of the “Summer Queen”

It is on this June 29 that the singer SUNMI of ABYSS COMPANY returns to the stage with a single called “HEART BURN“.


The singer begins her showcase with a photo shoot, then warmly thanks the journalists present on this day. She also addresses a word to her fans, expressing her eagerness to see them again, which gave her energy to prepare for this comeback. With her long red hair and her turquoise dress, the young woman is similar to a mermaid, but she confides that she finds her extensions difficult to maintain, because they get dirty too quickly. Since the promotional period for “Pporappippam”, she has enjoyed preparing “HEART BURN“, a single being carried by an eponymous title track.

She also looks back on the recent trips she took during this break, in particular Las Vegas which left her with good memories, especially because she was able to meet fans. She also says that she met a fan with the same hair color as her, which prompted her to take pictures with it. The fan was also surprised to meet his idol in the street, exclaiming “ Oh, but I posted you in my room!“. She also found the city very beautiful, and really enjoyed her stay in the United States. Besides, the clip was shot in Las Vegas as well.

« I was really happy to meet fans on the other side of the world! » SUNMI 

Before presenting the performance of “Heart burn“, she goes into more detail about it. She describes the song’s concept as ardent love, which is part of why her hair is blood orange in color, as she describes it. She wanted to include passages on the guitar, and thanks all the people who contributed to the realization of this single. She focuses more on choreography, stating that her strong point is the fact that she hops, singing “olla, olla” (올라 올라). She has also incorporated traditional Korean features into the dance, such as huge fans that allow her to be hidden at times, or to make her appear like a flower, and the famous passage where she hops is actually a jumping game. the rope for children.

« I wanted to make a song that recalls the youth of my parents, so that foreign fans can discover a new style of music, specific to Korea. ». — SUNMI 

Radiant, SUNMI performs “Heart burn“, never losing a smile, sometimes shy, during the passages where she does not sing. The clip is then broadcast, and the singer is portrayed in various American paintings, the Wild West in particular.

She returns after that on stage, in order to discuss with the journalists. She says she will appear on M!Countdown tomorrow, to present her comeback to the public for the first time. She also admits that she is not confined to a certain concept, as the dichotomy with the title “Tail” proves to us. She only makes comebacks when she wants to, not to fill quotas, so every comeback truly represents her.

When asked what her particular charm is, SUNMI addresses “Sunmi-pop“, a concept introduced by journalists to represent the young woman’s own musical genre. She knows how to appropriate this style, and now considers it to be her strength, having her own musical imprint and being easily recognizable in the music industry.

Journalists also highlight the difference in her concepts depending on the season, “Tail” being notably released in winter, a title being darker and more sensual. She says she doesn’t really appreciate the cold, and thus takes more pleasure in making comebacks in the summer. She hopes to win the title of “Summer queen” with this new title.


« Even in difficult times, or overwork, there are always people to support me and help me, so a big thank you to them » —SUNMI

Finally, we discuss her career of more than ten years, asking her if anything has changed for her since she passed the milestone of thirty years in May. She claims to be always “frivolous” in her heart of hearts, and that the number means nothing to her. In reality, she was afraid, during the “Gashina” periods, of not being able to stand on stage at thirty. Realizing today that she can, and that her fans are always present, she has changed her way of thinking, and is freed from this burden. She is also delighted with the evolution of mentalities, allowing Kpop singers to be able to sing more and more “old”.

Returning to the traditional elements present in the choreography, she admits having hesitated at the start between the rope and the fans. She eventually decided to incorporate both, although she said the fans were very heavy and she felt sorry for the dancers having to carry them.

She also chose the flowers painted on these fans, to add an extra Korean touch. She therefore wishes to be recognized for this song, because she also represents her country, and her parents indirectly.

« I tried to incorporate Korean culture into my singing, using voice variations in the chorus, but it was really hard to perfect.» SUNMI 

She says she is ready to work with any producer as long as the musical genre suits her, in order to further explore her style, and in order not to be confined to one thing. She once again expresses her thanks to the producers who collaborated or worked with her, because they made the creation of “Sunmi pop” possible.

It is therefore with these last words that SUNMI concludes her showcase, always sporting a big smile filled with naturalness. She thanks the journalists, her fans, then definitively leaves the stage, skipping, in order to prepare for the showcase with her fans.

The words of our reporter: “It is with a summer comeback that SUNMI delights us once again! Wishing him a good period of promotion

Journalist: Pillet Anaïs
Translator: Shawn
Photos: Pillet Anaïs

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