FAVE1: A first MV

Formerly 100%, you now know them as FAVE1 and they reveal their 1st MV.

The group FAVE1 publishes its 1st MV with the title “Zombie”. The song has a dynamism and a mysterious atmosphere, highlighting the voices of the different members. Plunging us like in a fairy tale with this young woman who has a key, to go where? White outfits, with jabots or suits like the vampires wear in the movies, make us experience this universe more strongly.

While remaining modern, the title and the sounds should delight first-generation kpop fans.


The FAVE1 group is made up of 4 boys, ROK HYEON, JONG HWAN, CHAN YONG and HYUK JIN who are making this new start as a quartet in Japan. The boys have already carried out many activities, concert, fan club … in Japan in order to reaffirm their talent and their desire to be on stage.

You can also follow their latest news on the group’s Japanese site FAVE1.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS FAVE1, Kiss Ent

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