SEVENTEEN: Like suns that warm the new world

Group SEVENTEEN has again released official photos for its repackaged fourth album “SECTOR 17.”


SEVENTEEN released a total of 14 personal and group photos of the “New beginning” version for its fourth full album repackage “SECTOR 17” on its official SNS today.

On July 9, SEVENTEEN released the version of the official “New heights” photos, which reached a new destination and a frozen unknown land “SECTOR 17” they found beyond the sun. The new version “New beginning” released today shows them pioneering their own peak. With the light and energy of SEVENTEEN, who became the sun through their fourth album “FACE THE SUN”, the frozen ground melted away and the green top unfolded.

Just before the release of the official version of the “New beginning” photos, which feature vivid colors, SEVENTEEN said on its official Instagram, “It shines with great light and warms the darkest and coldest place. Green leaves stick their heads out on the dry earth, and flowers filled with happiness began to bloom one by one.

They went on to say, “As we watched the new unfolding in front of us, laughter bloomed on our faces. All that rises now are our dreams and our hopes. A new world is opening up for me, for you, for us. : “_WORLD”” which describes the official “New begiining” photos.

SECTOR 17” is an album containing the new world of SEVENTEEN, which was found after a torrid journey to become the sun. Music fans can’t wait to see who pre-released the music video for the leader unit’s song “Cheers”, which is famous for its endless growth from its debut to the present day, and directly portrays the SEVENTEEN’s ambition to grow further.


SEVENTEEN will release a medley of the album on July 14 and official teasers from July 15-16.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Pledis Entertainment

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