Thursday, September 28, 2023
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HWANG WOO LIM: A remake of a successful cover

“Miss Trot 2” singer HWANG WOO LIM will unveil a remake of “고맙소” to cement her position as the “master of trot covers.”


HWANG WOO LIM will officially release a remake of Cho Hang Jo’s “고맙소” at noon on July 10, reinterpreting it in her own style.

HWANG WOO LIM, who showed various cover videos via YouTube channel “황우림의 포카림 (Hwang Woo-rim’s Pocarim)”, received rave reviews with nearly 1.5 million views for her cover of “고맙소” . In order to repay such an enthusiastic response, HWANG WOO LIM will release a newly arranged remake of “고맙소” with her own charm.

“고맙소” by HWANG WOO LIM will feature a key production team who have been active in various genres to complete a more luxurious and grand style arrangement, and HWANG WOO LIM will show off her abilities as a singer by adding a more delicate tone. .

In particular, HWANG WOO LIM showed his transition as a “new generation trotting star” with her new song “내사랑 바보” last month, raising more expectations for the remake of “고맙소”.

HWANG WOO LIM said, “I can’t believe we started with a cover and even released an official song,” adding,

“I hope it will be a “고맙소” that can comfort a lot of people.”

HWANG WOO LIM is currently active in various fields such as the musical “Frida” as well as TV Chosun’s “화요일은 밤이 좋아”. Besides that, after the new song is released, she will perform a remake song and work hard nonstop, drawing more attention to her future performance.

“고맙소” by HWANG WOO LIM will be released on music sites before 12 p.m. KST on July 10.

Journalist: Shawn
Transaltor: Shawn
Source: LeanBranding

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