LEE JIN HYUK: A friendly end to filming

LEE JIN HYUK, who is active as a vocalist and solo actor, shared his thoughts on the ending of “왜 오수재인가 Why her.

Castring de “Why her”

On July 23, LEE JIN HYUK was happy as he continued to laugh at the “Why her” filming site by posting a photo of the cast on his official Instagram.

“I won’t forget everything I learned here and grow”,

he added, thanking the staff and the cast.

In the uploaded photo, LEE JIN HYUK took photos with actors Oh Soo Jae and Seo Hyun Jin, as well as Hwang In Yeop, Lee Ju Woo, Kim Jae Hwa and Nam Ji Hyun, attracting attention, proving a friendly atmosphere on the spot.


LEE JIN HYUK, who captivated viewers by transforming into a passionate and ambitious Nam Chun Pung, is a law student from Seojung University whose dream is to become president, captivating viewers with his role.

Expectations are high for the upcoming work of LEE JIN HYUK, who received favorable reviews as an actor by appearing in “Find me in your memory”, “놓지마 정신줄” and “Check out the event”.


The SBS drama “Why Her” has consistently topped ratings since the first episode, ending with many people’s support.

LEE JIN HYUK will appear on the Thai survival audition show “9low On Top” and play a jury role.

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