SHINHWA: A first sub-unit

After 24 years, the first sub-unit.

At noon today, SHINHWA’s LEE MIN WOO, KIM DONG WAN, and JUN JIN‘s agency LiveWorks Company released an official video teaser containing information about the unit via their official YouTube channel and SNS.

The released video teaser begins with the phrase “LIVEWORKS COMPANY PRESENTS” from 1998, the first year of SHINHWA Group’s operation, and counts down to 2022. Meanwhile, the message “SHINHWA THE FIRST UNIT” is appeared, reporting that the first unit has appeared 24 years after its debut, raising expectations.

In the next scene, each member’s stage performances are more eye-catching, focusing on the English names LEE MIN WOO, KIM DONG WAN, and JUN JIN and the alphabet letters “W,” “D,” and “J.” “, which symbolize the new unit. Moreover, at the end of the video, the phrase “THIS WINTER” as well as the official logo of “Shinhwa WDJ” appear, suggesting a comeback this winter, making the hearts of fans flutter.

The first unit of the group consisting of LEE MIN WOO, KIM DONG WAN and JUN JIN confirmed full-fledged activities this winter, LiveWorks Company reported.

“As this is SHINHWA’s first unit activity, we are working hard to meet fans with new charms and high-quality music..”

SHINHWA’s first unit, “Shinhwa WDJ” in 24 years since its debut is a combination consisting of LEE MIN WOO, KIM DONG WAN and JUN JIN, and the unit name is combined with a letter of the three members’ names, attracting attention because it is the first official activity of this one.

SHINHWA debuted with the title “Solver” and has been regularly loved by the public as the biggest idol group, producing many hit songs such as “T.O.P“, “Only one“, “Hey, come on !“, “Perfect man“, “Brand new“, “Once in a lifetime“, “Venus”, or even “This love“.

In addition, the group has always shown the power of SHINHWA, through the activities of the 13th full album, with the title track “Touch” released in 2017, which is the last album activity with the full group, and dominated the musical world at the time.

LEE MIN WOO is a vocalist of SHINHWA and is in charge of production, he has been active in solo activities with the group under the stage name “M.” KIM DONG WAN is loved for his witty tone and bright and lively personality as the vocalist of SHINHWA, showing his unique presence in various fields such as solo albums, acting, and entertainment interests and musicals, most recently through the recently opened musical “서편제 (The Singer of Pansori).” JUN JIN is also a rapper and main dancer of SHINHWA, who has been active in various programs including “Infinite Challenge”, “Radio Star” and “Law of the Jungle” due to his excellent entertainment and athletic side and has been active as MC and host.

K-POP fans are already paying great attention to the arrival of this sub-unit which is expected to show off a new transformation different from that of the full group. This sub-unit will bring a new charm for those who have succeeded in group activities as true “all-round idols”.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS Liveworks Company

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