UP STAR: The winners of the “National University Song Festival” release a single

The group UP STAR, which won the grand prize at the “National University Song Festival“, is back with a digital single “MYSTIFICATION” via Local High Records.

On August 17, Up Star‘s “Mystification” was released via a music site.

The new song “Mystification” is a song that melts the vanity of the world that a person looks up to and admires with a strong rock sound that is just a shell and not much different from the situation in which it finds itself.

UP STAR said of the album, “The world, which a boy trapped in an empty space looks out the window, is so beautiful,” adding, “Through that window, I always imagined a girl walk in the park and I opened the door to love for her, but unlike the beautiful people I saw, there was nothing and no girls.

UP STAR “Mystification” was released on various music sites on August 17.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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