KQ FELLAZ 2: The discovery of the first title

KQ Entertainment trainees “KQ FELLAZ 2” have released their first group song.

On December 6 afternoon, KQ Entertainment officially released via YouTube channel “KQ FELLAZ 2“, a water softener in the United States ‘ready to one (ready to one)’ 5 in animation, MINJAE are the rapper, SUMIN and to invoke the cult of the line is emerging.

In the previous episode, the members of ATEEZ, who visited the young boys at their accommodation in Los Angeles, chose “Geek” while listening to the songs composed by MINJAE, and HONGJOONG will directly ask EDEN, the producer exclusive to ATEEZ, to update the song.

In response, MINJAE listened to “Geek” arranged more stylishly with SUMIN and YECHAN, and unveiled the song’s theme with rap lyrics that infiltrated the music. MINJAE, JUNMIN, SUMIN, JINSIK, HYUNWOO, JUNGHOON, SEEUN, HUNTER, YUJUN, and YECHAN, who started recording for the first time, had a video call with ATEEZ’s Hongjoong, saying, “Don’t try to be too perfect, but I hope the title will contain your own freshness.

In particular, the recording went well with MINJAE’s charismatic showmanship and fitting explanations for each of the other nine members, and MINJAE instead showed his leadership as “Hyung” by saying, “I had faith that I would enjoy it as I always have“.

“To have our own songs, our own choreography and so exciting and we were so surprised. We’ll work really hard”,

they declared with shining eyes.

In the past three days, the members of “KQ FELLAZ 2” received a lot of attention during their busking in Shinchon, as well as the online site which was successfully completed, adding a lot of expectation.

KQ Fellaz 2” in training period in the United States, maybe followed by episodes of “Ready to One” at 10 p.m. KST every Tuesday on the YouTube channel.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: KQ Entertainment

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