KARA: A new album for 15 years

KARA is back after five years.


RBW said on September 19, “KARA will be releasing an album to commemorate the 15th anniversary of their debut in November. Since it is the 15th anniversary album that will be released after a long time, we plan to help KARA members express their desire to give gifts to their fans as much as possible”.

KARA’s full album is significant as it is the first album in seven years since its 7th mini album “IN LOVE” released in May 2015, with 5 members including PARK GYU RI, HAN SEUNG YEON, HEO YOUNG JI, NICOLE and KANG JI YOUNG, who left in 2014.

KARA’s 15th anniversary album will be released by RBW, which has acquired KARA’s original agency, DSP Media. As the album was prepared for the fans who sent love and support with constant fervor for a long time, the members expressed their aspirations to enjoy it with the fans with an album full of joyful and bright festival-like energy.


KARA also plans to appear on various shows in conjunction with the release of this 15th anniversary album.

KARA, which debuted with its first full album “BLOOOOOMING” in 2007, was highly regarded as a representative female group of the second generation with hits such as “Lupin”, “Step”, “Mister”,Pretty girl“, “Honey”, “Mamamia”, “Jumping”, “Wanna.” Additionally, the group achieved great success in Japan and held the K-pop girl group’s first solo concert at the Tokyo Dome.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS KARA

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