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SF9: A new role for DAWON

DAWON, actor and member of SF9, was cast in the web drama “나의 X같은 스무살.”


The musical web drama “나의 X같은 스무살”, starring DAWON, is a fantasy romance drama in which a cursed person who has to live as a 20-year-old infiltrates a compound with clues to change his fate. It will be released for the first time in December.

DAWON plays Cho Sang Wook, a resort employee. Sang Wook is a person who is always positive about everything and very kind. He is also well-received in the station for his ability to grab other people quickly, but Sang Wook will have an unpredictable wish (Yu-ju) that leads to an exciting plot development.

DAWON took on the acting challenge for the first time with the tvN drama “Doom at your service,” proving his extraordinary presence. He also starred in the web drama “Part-time Mello” for the first time, perfectly assimilating the natural love game and gradually expanding his acting spectrum.

나의 X같은 스무살” predicts another transformation for DAWON.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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