VICTON: HEO CHAN puts his activities on hold

HEO CHAN (27), a member of the VICTON group, suspended his activities because of drunk driving.


VICTON’s agency IST Entertainment said on September 22, “There was a case where HEO CHAN was caught driving drunk by the police while driving home after meeting an acquaintance on the morning of September 20.” Currently, HEO CHAN is under police investigation.

IST Entertainment stated, “After the investigation, he should be subject to a decision such as revoking his license,” adding, “Right now, HEO CHAN is thinking a lot about his mistakes that he never should have. commit. We plan to stop group and individual activities effective today.”

Accordingly, VICTON will for the time being operate with a five-member system. During the fan concert scheduled for October 15, he will also be absent on stage and only the five members will perform without HEO CHAN.

HEO CHAN debuted as a member of VICTON in November 2016.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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