YENJAMIN: His single is out today

Rapper YENJAMIN’s double single, “LAST KINDNESS” will be released today.


Brandnew Music, his agency, has officially released the concept photos for YENJAMIN’s new single “LAST KINDNESS” on his official SNS since 18th, and yesterday it released some of the songs via the new preview video, raising the expectations of viewers. fans.

YENJAMIN’s new single “LAST KINDNESS“, which will be released about a year and two months after the last single “PALM TREE“, contains two songs, “My time (Feat. Pluma)” and “Finale (Feat. Hanhae)” that characterize the unique and trendy sensibility of YENJAMIN.

My time” is a song with an impressive addictive chorus, and rapper Pluma participated in a new collaboration with YENJAMIN, while “Finale”, featuring YENJAMIN’s sung rap, enhanced the song’s completeness by providing sharp rapping through the participation of his agency’s family rapper, Hanhae.

YENJAMIN’s new double single “LAST KINDNESS” can be enjoyed on various online music sites at noon today.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Brand-new Music

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