AB6IX: A surprise video for the comeback

AB6IX Group has released a special video, new teaser content.


Brandnew Music caught the eye by releasing a special video for the 6th EP album “TAKE A CHANCE” which will be released on October 4 on AB6IX’s official SNS at midnight on September 23, and fans expressed their expectations for the content after disclosure of the album’s promotional schedule, released earlier.

In the video that was finally released, the members expressed their thoughts and feelings after hearing the title track “Sugarcoat” for the first time along with emojis.

LEE DAE HWI, who worked on the song, drew a purple lollipop, and JEON WOONG drew a face with question marks, saying, “I thought AB6IX knew how to do this kind of song?

PARK WOO JIN recalled cotton candy with childhood memories, and KIM DONG HYUN said he imagined an image of “sugar eyes” falling from the sky, raising questions about the new song. Finally, it is said that how the emojis drawn by the members will be used is also a point that should not be missed, which made the hearts of fans flutter even more.

The title track of AB6IX’s new album “Sugarcoat” is a fresh and unique pop dance track that properly combines soul, hip-hop and R&B with “Popular Composer” LEE DAE HWI, who recently proved his ability on the KBS2 producer competition program “Listen up.”

AB6IX’s sixth EP album “TAKE A CHANCE” (Jeon Woong, Kim Dong Hyun, Park Woo Jin and Lee Dae Hwi), which continues to grow with each album and proves endless possibilities, will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m. KST on October 4.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Brandnew Music

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