DAY6: Hand in hand with JYP

DAY6 band has renewed its contract with JYP Entertainment.

JYP Entertainment renewed its contract with all members of DAY6, SUNGJIN, YOUNG K, WONPIL, and DOWOON on September 26. DAY6, a group with musical symbolism, and JYP Entertainment, which has a lot of experience in group management, wish to continue their meaningful partnership based on their strong relationship of trust.

“We plan to provide systematic support and increased vigilance as strong support for the future of DAY6.”

Since debuting in September 2015, DAY6 has presented music with unparalleled sensitivity and color, utilizing strong mutual trust and precious love from fans. The members gathered their will and determination to draw greater development together and announced the news of the contract renewal.

For seven years, DAY6 has been active as a “representative group of K-pop” with the support of JYP Entertainment‘s artist label, STUDIO J. Not only have they formed a broad consensus with the public with their own lyrics and compositions such as “You were beautiful“, “Time of our life” and “Zombie”, but they also gained the reputation of “DAY6 to trust and listen” by singing lyrics and melodies with deep resonances. In recognition of this contribution, he won the Best Group Performance award at the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA).

On September 7, 2022, to mark the 7th anniversary of their debut, they prepared an offline Meet and Greet event for My Day (fandom name) and filled the 7th page with their memories. Leader SUNGJIN attended the face-to-face fan event as the first step after his discharge from the military, and shared his feelings and thoughts also conveying those of YOUNG K, WONPIL and DOWOON, who are currently serving in the military. ‘army.

DAY6 has brightened the future of K-pop groups with various achievements such as achieving the record 100 live performances in four years since their debut, completing two world tours, and forming the group’s first unit. Expectations focus on the unique music and growth that DAY6, which continues their meaningful journey of “value together,” will show as a full group after their military service ends.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS DAY6

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