KISU: Strong support from fans

The response to KISU’s digital single “DRIVE!” is hot all over the world.

The new song “Drive!” was released on the 24th of last month, right after the release of “Cheese Burger” featuring Jinhong, who were members of 24K.

The new song “Drive!” released on various online music sites on September 24th is being praised by fans in various countries including Europe and South America, USA and Canada through various comments on SNS.

Overseas fans who stumbled across the new song “Drive!” have said,

“It’s become my favorite song.”,

You are a great artist. I’m proud to be your fan.” “Thank you for letting me listen to good songs even when I’m sick. Don’t get sick.“, “I had a hard day today and I listened to your song and it healed me.

The new song “Drive!” released by KISU is a cool and refreshing pop punk style song with the message “You can go anywhere if you want something“, and KISU participated in the overall composition and planning of the album, including the concept, design and production of the music video.

Kim Sung Kwang, CEO of Beyond ENT, said:

“Drive!”, published this time, has many different meanings. The European tour was postponed due to the artist’s poor health and the presentation schedule of “Drive!” was also reviewed, but KISU desperately wanted to keep their promise with the fans, so the title was unveiled. The artist, who received worried encouragement and support from many overseas fans regarding his health condition, received much comfort and tried his best to recover his health.”.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Beyond Ent

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