AB6IX: An anthem not to miss any opportunity

Music and visuals that fit the group even better.


It is on this October 4th that the group AB6IX is back with its 6th EP album “TAKE A CHANCE“. During an online showcase, where KSTATION TV was invited, the 4 members of the group JEON WOONG, LEE DAE HWI, KIM WOO JIN and KIM DONG HYUN came to present this new opus to us and explain to us what their aspirations and hopes were with this one.

The showcase begins with a quick presentation of the members accompanied by a phototime for which the boys dressed in casual outfits, with a look that mainly uses “jeans” and accessories like bracelets and necklaces, giving a retro appearance while keeping a modern line of conduct.

Then the boys continue with a presentation of the album. On this subject LEE DAE HWI declares

“It contains our story that opportunities are always on our side.”

After the end of their fan meeting tour through different countries around the world, this new album contains AB6IX’s aspirations and hopes to go to a wider world. In this new installment, the title track “Sugarcoat” features lyrics that metaphorically express feelings of love by comparing his favorite partner to sugar and his sweet taste.

This new EP album is composed of 6 titles, the main one called “Sugarcoat”, followed by titles such as “Paranoia” of a slightly more hiphop genre, “Weightless” more alternative pop, “Complicated” pop RnB, “Resonance” Electro hiphop, “Crow” which is more hiphop RnB and finally “Chance” in Korean version.

For this new album the members paid significant attention to the visuals adding a strong commitment to “showing a sensational side“. Insisting on the fact that it is a concept that really corresponds to them. The boys insist on

“Watch music”

emphasizing their work between music and visuals.

Specifically, the track “Complicated” is an important song because it was given to them by Monsta X member Hyungwon, who created it for them. On this subject KIM DONG HYUN says:

“I liked the song “Burning up” among the MONSTA X songs, and it was Hyungwon’s song. So I asked him to work with him, and he gladly accepted. He took care of the production from start to finish and gave me advice.”

After the presentation of the album the boys come to perform the main title “Sugarcoat”

A second song will be performed on stage, and it is of course “Complicated” the song composed by Hyungwon, as a kind of thank you for the work done together.

To end this showcase PARK WOO JIN addressed his fans

“I want to meet my fans as often as possible. I hope this album will be a good gift for you. We must give you back as much love as you give us. The albums are always meticulously prepared. I focus on the music both within the band and personally.”

AB6IX’s sixth EP album “TAKE A CHANCE” drops today at 6 p.m. KST on various online music sites. At 7:30 p.m. KST, the group will perform a fan showcase and the song’s new stage will be unveiled for the first time.


The word of our reporter: “A feast for the eyes and the ears. This comeback is very appreciable and the titles that make up the album reflect a new maturity that belongs to the group.

Journalist: Shawn
Photos/Vidéo: Brandnew Music

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