AESPA: A Parisian event for fans

Girl group AESPA held a “fan sign” event in Paris, France, attracting the attention of local media.

Tickets for AESPA’s event, held at FNAC (Pennac), a large representative bookstore in Paris, France, on October 3 (local time), sold out in about two minutes, achieving a great interest in the group. On that day, AESPA met around 200 local fans in Paris and communicated closely with them.

In addition to the pre-selected number of people, more than 2,000 local fans gathered to welcome AESPA with loud cheers and enthusiastic responses, and the group also responded to their support with special fan services and communicated with them.

Moreover, BFMTV channel reported this event claiming that it is a K-pop group that travels between the metaverse world and reality, but also showed great interest in covering the event closely.

AESPA attended the Givenchy S/S 2023 fashion show at Paris Fashion Week in France on October 2 as a brand ambassador, as well as visited its studio at the special invitation of Matthew M. Williams, Creative Director , the venue was packed with many fans who gathered to see AESPA at the show site.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: BFMTV

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