UP10TION: Codes are solved

UP10TION released a hint about the comeback with “CODE MAP,” and the members themselves interpreted it through the content.

On October 5 at midnight KST, the code card for the 11th mini album “CODE NAME: Arrow” was released on UP10TION’s official SNS. The code card, written on a simple black background, was a code with numbers. Fans were excited to see what sentences would be released if they solved the riddle.

And on October 6, a solution to solve the code map was revealed via “Code Name: Liar” uploaded to UP10TION’s official YouTube channel. By encrypting the alphabet with numbers, the group solved the curiosity of fans waiting for their return through a method of solving in which numbers are given according to the order of the letters in the alphabet.

The UP10TION members in the video played a “Liar Game” game. The words given to the members in the practice game were “Pain”, “Warning”, “Gotcha”, “Watch”, “Hide”, “Round” and “Film”, raising expectations as to how these would be incorporated into the album’s songs and title.

UP10TION will release its first music video teaser on October 7, followed by a music vignette and a second video teaser sequentially, continuing their new promotion.

UP10TION’s 11th mini album “CODE NAME: Arrow” will be released simultaneously online and offline on October 12, and a comeback showcase will be held on the same day.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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