COCANBUTTER: A strong asserted difference

As expected, it’s amazing. The class was different.

The country’s most successful performance group, COCANBUTTER, has created a strong dance trend in the music industry.

COCANBUTTER appeared on Mnet’s “MCountdown,” which aired on the afternoon of October 6, and performed their title track “Mi Deh Yah (Feat. Kunta)” for the first time, from its debut single album “Mi Deh Yah“.

That day, COCANBUTTER completed a performance of a different class. The members showed their individual charms with their strong charisma. In particular, COCANBUTTER drew cheers from global K-pop fans by showing off their dynamic and sophisticated group dance and strong dancing skills.

The title track “Mi Deh Yah (Feat. Kunta)” from COCANBUTTER‘s debut album is a dance song with a percussive sound and unique beat, showing signs of addiction from its early days. “Mi Deh Yah” is a Jamaican patwa meaning “I’m fine“. Like the meaning of the title, it is said to only focus on music and dance without caring about anything else.

COCANBUTTER released its first single “Mi Deh Yah” and started its full-fledged promotional activities.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Mcountdown

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