KICK CAFE : K-Eyewear comes to Paris

These brands often in your favorite K-drama were present in Paris!

What is K-EYEWEAR?

This is the event that was organized by the KICK CAFE, the trendy Parisian café among KPOP fans. Indeed, on the occasion of Paris Design Week, South Korean eyewear brands were invited to show their different frames, various brands from classic to retro, to please everyone.

The event allowed coffee consumers and visitors to better understand the frames, try them on and learn more about each of them.

Each brand is known for something like the popular March eyewear brand among South Korean actors and actresses, an elegant and refined Passepartout.

The event co-organized by the founder of the KICK CAFE was done naturally since she had previously worked in this field. Indeed Savannah is passionate about KPOP but not only, she is interested in  Korean fashion and wanted to share this passion with her family of kick coffee first, called the “cool kids”.

You can find those frames on Instagram and also the brands’ respective sites.

Co-organizer Naiel_bam who held the booth the whole weekend shared her feelings with us:

I thought it was a very good idea to introduce the Korean style a little more to French fans of Korean culture, not just in terms of food or Entertainment (music, drama) as we have used to seeing it. And it’s an all the more interesting initiative because it included not only influencers but also 10 lucky ones thanks to the contest organized with Kick Café to get a pair of glasses! As these are brands that are both modern and practical and of super good quality, it highlights Korean know-how and current fashion, which makes it possible to attract people who do not necessarily know South Korea ( because I had media who knew nothing about all this). The atmosphere was nice because it took place at Kick Café, which is a quiet and warm place that allows fans to share their passion/love for Korea “


KSTATIONTV was able to leave with a walking eyewear frame, a simple but elegant frame that will accompany your outfit to make it unique!

a little word from the brand : « It was such a great opportunity and an important event for our brand. It was meaningful and a good opportunity presented itself. I will continue to participate and there were many good companies that recognized our brand so I want to let the world know more thanks«


Journalist: Nour

Translator: Nour


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