B1A4: The new community on Weverse

The global fandom platform Weverse will open the official B1A4 group community this November 10.

B1A4, which celebrates its 11th anniversary this year, is being praised for its unique refreshing energy, with members participating in songwork to build a unique style of music and earn the label “self-produced idol.” In October 2020, the group announced their successful comeback by releasing their fourth full album “ORIGINE”, featuring all songs including members’ songs, and celebrated their 10th anniversary by releasing digital singles “10 TIMES” and “거대한 말” in 2021. In addition, along with group activities, the members continue their activities in various ways, including acting, musicals, MC and radio DJ.

B1A4 will open an official community on Weverse and actively communicate with B1A4’s official “BANAS” fandom, sharing daily life and providing various content. Weverse will be hosting a hashtag posting event from November 11-17 to commemorate B1A4’s community open. If you share the precious moments and memories created by B1A4 and the BANAS on B1A4’s Weverse community with the hashtag (#B1A4_BANA_STORY), a total of six people will randomly receive a Polaroid photo with a member’s autograph.

Weverse is equipped with “Weverse Live” function, which moved the live video function of V Live as it is, and introduced a new Weverse such as reorganization of UI and UX and the post function upgrade. Weverse, which currently manages the official community of more than 60 artists and audition programs at home and abroad, plans to open up the official community of many artists, continue to improve its service, and evolve into a ” fandom life” that changes the culture of fandom in a new and practical way.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: WM Entertainment

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