Thursday, September 28, 2023

ATEEZ: a photo concept worthy of a movie

On December 25 and 26, at midnight KST, ATEEZ unveiled new individual photos for the release of its first single. 


After recently unveiling the prologue of its single « SPIN OFF : FROM THE WITNESS »; which surpassed 1 million views in less than two days; ATEEZ revealed new individual photos worthy of a movie.

In these latest photos, HONGJOONG poses in front of the lens with a fiery look accentuated by the rhinestones placed under his left eye. On the other hand, SEONGHWA is leaning on a piano with one hand hiding his right eye. Dressed in an all-black outfit contrasting with his blond hair, SEONGHWA presents an intense gaze in front of the camera, attracting fans’ attention. 

YUNHO poses in front of the camera with a confident attitude in a white and black outfit. While YEOSANG is in a three-quarter view, revealing his birthmark once again. Posing with a mysterious attitude, YEOSANG presents an impressive visual one more time.  

SAN shows in this picture a powerful look and a confident posture. Moreover, he poses next to a table with a chandelier and several pieces of debris. These are the only witnesses of a confrontation. At the same time, MINGI poses with a piercing look and a charismatic attitude accentuated by his posture. Indeed, MINGI holds his black hat with his left hand obscuring a part of his face just like SEONGHWA.

WOOYOUNG poses in front of the camera with a fiery look. In addition, his white outfit accentuates his bright red hair drawing attention to him. Finally, JONGHO presents a determined attitude in front of the lens in an all-black outfit matching his jet-black hair. 

Thereby, this new concept occurs in a decor similar to « Answer » music video’s. Unveiled a few days ago in a story on the Instagram account « @from_the_witness » with the Morse code message « who are you? », this set was also present in the prologue. Indeed, YUNHO was alone in this destroyed room and deeply intrigued fans about the role this iconic place plays in this new narrative arc. 

Finally, ATEEZ‘s first single, « SPIN OFF : FROM THE WITNESS », will be officially released on December 30 at 2 p.m. KST.

Journaliste: Laura
Translator: Laura

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