ATEEZ: The group appears on Youngjae’s (GOT7) radio show

ATEEZ appeared on MBC FM4U’s radio show « GOT7 Youngjae’s Best Friend ».

ATEEZ members SEONGHWA, SAN, and MINGI appeared as guests on the « Stage Eight » corner of the radio show, which aired on January 3.

On this day, ATEEZ celebrated 2023, the year of the black rabbit, with five members born in 1999, including YUNHO, YEOSANG, SAN, MINGI and WOOYOUNG. They expressed themselves, with a powerful determination:

« We are preparing a lot of things this year, but 2023 is the year that the fans love the most. I think it will be a year to give. I think I will be lucky to receive the rabbit energy. »


In particular, ATEEZ released its new album « SPIN OFF : FROM THE WITNESS » on the 30th of last month which sold 350,000 copies on the first day, setting a new record. Additionally, the music video for the title track, and ATEEZ‘s first Korean single, « HALAZIA », which reached 10 million views on YouTube within 10 hours of its release, marking another new high for the group.

In response, the group’s rapper, MINGI said:

« « HALAZIA » is an addictive song, and my part is the killing point. »

Thus, ATEEZ‘s SEONGHWA, SAN, and MINGI reinforced the promotion of the new album by introducing the title track of it and the rest of the songs in detail, communicating with listeners in real time.

Meanwhile, ATEEZ released its debut single, « HALAZIA » in Korea on December 30, and appeared on SBS Power FM’s « Cultwo show » today (January 5) to continue their promotional activities.

Journalist : Myriem
Translator : Myriem
Source : KQ Entertainment, SNS ATEEZ, YouTube MBCRADIO 봉춘라디오

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