SON NAEUN: SON NAEUN expressed her determination as an actress through an interview for her new drama “The Agency”

JTBC’s new drama “The Agency” held an online panel at 2 p.m. KST on January 5, 2023. Director Lee Chang-min, Lee Bo-young, Cho Sung-ha, SON NAEUN, Han Joon-woo, and Jeon Hye -jin attended.


SON NAEUN said, “Kang Na-na is the most unique character I have ever played. brought my own props. I tried to express it in an appealing way so I wouldn’t hate myself for being upfront and honest.

Regarding the idea that this is her first work since she left her group, APINK, SON NAEUN replied, “I prepared this work with the determination to show that I evolve from more and more,” adding, “Please consider this a new challenge.”

The Agency” follows the career of Go A-In (Lee Bo-Young) as she works her way up from low to high position at an advertising agency. She will become the first female executive of the VC group.

SON NAEUN plays Kang Han-na, the youngest girl in the VC group and head of VC Planning’s SNS division after studying in the United States.

Cho Seong-Ha plays Choi Chang-soo, the director of VC Planning, who made Goa-in the group’s first female executive and took an elite course at the “agent” he created.

The premiere of “The agency” will be released on January 7, 2023.

Journalist: Emma
Translator: Shawn
Source: JTBC

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