P1HARMONY: Praised and highlighted by an American media

The group P1HARMONY graced US media coverage.

According to agency FNC Entertainment, on January 6, P1HARMONY graced the 17th digital cover of The Knockturnal entertainment outlet on January 5. The Knockturnal conveyed the movements of P1HARMONY in depth.

P1HARMONY quickly gathered fans from all over the world,” The Knockturnal said of P1HARMONY.The group has captivated millions with incredible records, stage dominance and appealing charm. Their sincerity and talent make P1HARMONY special.”

Referring to P1HARMONY’s activities from its debut until now, the outlet said:

“P1HARMONY debuted in a pandemic situation and had to hold an online concert, without an audience. However, they have now become a band that sells out all of their US tour tickets. When performing on stage, they demonstrate comfort and professionalism and communicate with audiences around the world.”

The outlet also noted P1HARMONY’s activities, saying, P1HARMONY has created a new generation of idols with a human appearance that fans can sympathize with, not a mysterious form, by communicating with fans through various communication channels.

P1HARMONY is excellent at keeping the energy at 110% across all shows. Many fans and non-fans also talk about P1HARMONY’s incredible stage dominance, especially on live stages,” specifically mentioning why they should pay attention to them.

Meanwhile, P1HARMONY released their fifth mini album “HARMONY: SET IN” on November 30. From the 14th, the live tour “P1ustage H: P1ONEER” will start in Seoul and will be held in 12 regions of the United States.

Journaliste : Shawn

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