KANG MINA: A first role in the cinema

Actress KANG MINA, former member of the group GUGUDAN, will make her screen debut with the movie “참, 잘했어요! (You did great!)


The movie “You did great!” starring KANG MINA is a school action movie in which the lowest-ranked boy, who has lived without dreams or hopes, runs without hesitation with the power of money in his hands by chance. In the drama, KANG MINA plays Dayoung, who stands alone in a harsh and cold world, and begins a new transformation for her character.

KANG MINA continues her acting career by appearing in various works. Starting with the drama “Children of the 20th Century” in 2017, she caught the attention of viewers with her strong acting skills and refreshing charm through various works such as “Drama Stage – The History of Walking Upright“, “Dokgo Rewind“, “Tale of Kyeryong fairy“, “Hotel Del Luna“, “My roommate is a gumiho“, “Moonshine”, and “Cafe Minadang“.

Also, OTT has expanded her acting activities. In “Summer Guys“, which aired on Seezn in 2021, she played the role of Oh Jin Dal, a passionate bartender fighting to protect the Summer Guys cocktail bar, attracting attention with a new charm and transformed into a heroine of new generation who face strange and mysterious events in Seezn’s “Midnight Horror 6 different nights“.

KANG MINA, who won the year-end grand prize with the drama “Thinking of the Moon When Flowers Bloom” and “Cafe Minadang” at the KBS Acting Awards last year, will usher in the new year with the new from his screen debut in 2023.

KANG MINA, who is active in various fields from dramas to OTT movies, is expanding her acting spectrum with her strong presence and unique charm, and plans to continue her hard work in the new year of 2023.

KANG MINA‘s first film, “You did great!” will be directed by Hwang Dong Seok, who made his successful debut in “The Boxer.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Jellyfish Entertainment

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