D1CE: An official end

The group D1CE is splitting up.

D1CE Entertainment announced on its official account about D1CE on January 20:

“D1CE Members WOO JINYOUNG, PARK WOODAM, KIM HYUNSOO, JUNGYOOJUN, and CHO YONGGEUN‘s exclusive contracts with D1CE Entertainment expires on January 20, 2023.”

We have had in-depth discussions with the members for a long time and we respect the opinions of YONGGEUN, HYUNSOO, YOOJUN, WOODAM, and JINYOUNG, who want to fulfill their new dreams to end the exclusive contract after consultation between the two parties“, she explained.

We sincerely thank D1CE for being with D1CE Entertainment since August 1, 2019, and we will always sincerely support the activities of YONGGEUN, HYUNSOO, YOOJUN, WOODAM, and JINYOUNG. We ask for a lot of encouragement and support for the five members who will make a fresh start,” the agency said.

D1CE is a five-boy group consisting of JTBC’s “Mixnine” winner JINYOUNG, WOODAM, YONGGEUN, HYUNSOO, and YOOJUN. After releasing their debut album in 2019, they have been active releasing a number of other records, but after the single released in 2021, the band has become rarer.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: D1CE Entertainment

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