HWANG WOO LIM: Congratulated for her performance

Mistrot 2” singer HWANG WOO LIM received high praise from Jang Yoon Jung for her flawless performance in vocals, performance, and visuals.

HWANG WOO LIM appeared on the special “RE:PLAY Jang Yoon Jung” episode of KBS 2TV’s “Immortal Song” which aired on January 21.

Jang Yoon Jung planned this special report to introduce her hidden masterpieces to her juniors who have yet to see the light, and made extraordinary efforts in selecting songs with junior singers to enter the contest. Among them, HWANG WOO LIM proudly received Jang Yoon Jung’s choice and was honored to appear in “Immortal Songs.”

That day, HWANG WOO LIM took the stage with “스타킹” released by Jang Yoon Jung in 2010. HWANG WOO LIM perfectly reproduced the charm of the original song by presenting a retro-style scene, especially showing his natural body and even showing off her sexy game and charm.

Additionally, HWANG WOO LIM proved her appearance as the “new generation trotting queen” by performing colorful choreography perfectly while delivering an unwavering live performance. With this performance, HWANG WOO LIM impressed everyone who saw her singing abilities, performances, visuals and looks as a perfect artist. Jang Yoon Jung also praised HWANG WOO LIM‘s stage.

In response, HWANG WOO LIM was chosen by the judges and proudly took the win, earning the honor of working as Jang Yoon Jung’s hidden masterpiece with “스타킹”.

HWANG WOO LIM is currently active in many ways, including appearing on TV Chosun’s “화요일은 밤이 좋아” and as a DJ on BTN Radio’s “수호천사 황우림입니다“. Many activities are expected for the artist in 2023.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Lean Branding

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