DREAMCATCHER: HANDONG becomes a radio host

Dreamcatcher Company announced on January 26 that DREAMCATCHER member HANDONG has been selected as the radio DJ for “TBSefm 악동서울 (Akdong Seoul)” and will meet listeners from January 30.


악동서울 (Akdong Seoul)” is a Chinese radio program that airs live every Monday and Wednesday at 9 p.m. KST. HANDONG, who was selected as a DJ, will introduce and deliver K-POP to listeners as a “global messenger of kpop.”

In the first part of “악동서울 (Akdong Seoul)“, hosted by HANDONG, she will communicate with listeners through the sections “Today’s TMI” and “Music Therapy” which offers a moment of “comfort” to share without hesitation, questions insignificant or deep concerns, and heal them with music recommended by the DJ herself.

There are different points in the second part. Every Monday via “Akdong Language Institute” with guest Ma Guk-jin you can learn Chinese, and on Wednesday there will be a “K-INDIE” to discover songs from hidden Korean artists.

HANDONG will not only share her native language, but also her Korean language skills that she has honed since arriving in South Korea. She is especially expected to show a new side of herself as a regular radio host.

HANDONG is a member of the group DREAMCATCHER, which debuted in 2017. DREAMCATCHER, which recently gave a special gift to InSomnias (official fanclub name) with the release of “REASON” on its 6th anniversary since its debut, recently announced a variety of activities for this year 2023.

The radio show is available via 101.3 Mhz in the metropolitan area, the TBS website, the official TBS app and the YouTube channel.

Journalist: Emma
Translator: Shawn
Source: Dreamcatcher Company

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