DREAMCATCHER: DREAMCATCHER arrives on the BLIP application

DREAMCATCHER has been selected as a new artist for the “블립(blip)” mobile app. A kpop application that alerts you to the activities of your favorite idols.


BLIP, receives warm feedback from global fans by providing artist schedules and various information. Among them, DREAMCATCHER became the main character of BLIP’s new artist, reaching the top 5 artist proposals.

DREAMCATCHER recently released a special single “REASON” for fans to mark the sixth anniversary of its debut, actively communicating with fans around the world, and announced an American tour “REASON: MAKES DREAMCATCHER 2023″ to be held in nine American cities, including Washington, DC, New York and Chicago, from February 28 to March 20.


DREAMCATCHER, which renewed its contract with its agency last year, is expected to show more activity on the global stage in 2023, the seventh year since its debut. Among them, many fans are expected to respond enthusiastically because they will be able to see the schedule of DREAMCATCHER on BLIP in addition to other SNS of the group.

Also, InSomnias (name of the fandom) should enjoy more fandom activities and plenty in the future, as it will be much easier to connect with them.


BLIP is a brand created for fans by music startup SpaceODDITY. The BLIP app is a “K-Pop Fan Assistant” app that provides services that help K-pop fans “like more” artists’ activities.

Journalist: Emma
Translator: Shawn
Source: Space ODDITY

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