DAWN: New image, what does this heart mean?

A new publication between rumors and expectation.


Singer DAWN, today publishes a new photo on his Instagram account.

On this one we discover him (we think it is him) lying on the roof of a car having his windshield “exploded”, as if he had just fallen from very high directly on the roof. We also notice red spots, probably representing blood.

For now the background is still cloudy so as not to reveal too much. DAWN had, in recent days, posted another photo, announcing his return with new music and a new nest (new agency or label). What fans are looking forward to.

Accompanying this photo, DAWN left an emoticon of a bandaged red heart. Is it related to his new music or would it be related to his love affair with singer HYUNA. Or could his heart be healing for some other reason?

Inevitably, the fans emit many theories in comment, and we are all waiting for the artist to come back with a clear answer for all this.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Instagram DAWN

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