ONEWE: Discover the filming of “Gravity”

The group offers you a “making off” video.

The 5 members of ONEWE have just released their very first album in English, composed of 11 songs, carried by the title track, of the same name as this one, “Gravity”.

Late afternoon today, after answering a few questions in an interview, the band released a “Making off” video from the “Gravity” MV. This video allows us to have the impressions of the members and more precisely of YONGHOON and KANGHYUN who currently serve in the army.

In the beginning of the video we see the members telling us about their outfits, which are sexier and darker than usual. YONGHOON who reveals a little the bottom of his belly still feels a little uncomfortable, not being in his habit of showing skin.

He will also introduce you to his new custom guitar, which he calls “YONGSTAR”.

KANGHYUN, who is the leader, but who does not speak often, will take the time to tell you about this tattoo on his collarbone (true or false?).

Discover these moments of fun but also of work in this new video.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: YouTube ONEWE

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