SOOVI: A new RnB album

Talented artists have joined R&B artist SOOVI’s new album produced by White Noise Club.

131 Label released the track list of SOOVI’s EP album “A TEMPO” on its official SNS at midnight on February 7, which will be released as “New Voice Project” by the production team White Noise Club .

According to the “tracklist”, the album will feature a total of five songs, including the title track “Missing you” (Feat. Dvwn), “Ooh la la” (Feat. GEMINI), “Planet X“, “Blooming” and “Hey”.

In particular, the lineup of various artists and producers attracts attention. Dvwn and GEMINI will perform title track “Missing you” and track “Ooh la la” respectively, showcasing a combination of attractive tones.

Talented producers from White Noise Club, including global artist B.I., Millennium, SIHWANG, Padi, and Kim Chang-hoon, actively participated in the production. Additionally, SAINT LEONARD, who has worked with B.I through “Daydream” and “Tangerine,” took part in the event, showing the White Noise Club’s full support.

This “A TEMPO” is the first album of the “White Nosie New Voice Project“, which discovers and supports artists with new and potential voices. As a result, in addition to production support from 131 label, members of the White Noise Club took on the production of each track to increase the completeness of the entire album.

The debut album of the “New Voice Project” will be released on various online music sites on February 10 at noon.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: 131label

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