HYUK: A new Ad.A project

HYUK, a member of the group VIXX, formed a team and opened an official social networking service (SNS) channel.

On February 14, HYUK opened the official SNS of the “Ad.A.” and announced a new beginning leaving the phrase “Towards the Stars“, being the meaning of “Ad.A.” and a picture.

The official name of SNS, “Ad.A“, refers to the Spanish expression “per ardua ad astra“, which means “to the stars”, quoting the proverb “to the stars through trials and adversity“. The team, which was formed this time, will produce content mixing music and videos under different concepts.

HYUK, along with VIXX members LEO and KEN, will hold an “ING – As Always” fan concert at DSpace TAIPEI in Taiwan on March 5.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS Ad.A

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